Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
The Aggregate impact value of coarse aggregate provides a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to sudden shock or impact. The oven dried and accuracy weighted aggregates are subjected to a total of 15 blows of specified weight and fall and percentage of fines formed in terms of the total weight of the sample is expressed as the aggregate impact value.
- The Apparatus consists of following:-
* A Testing Machine having a metal base with a painted lower surface of not less than 30cm in diameter. It is supported on level and plane concrete floor of minimum 45 cm thickness. The machine have provisions for fixing its base.
* A Cylindrical cup of internal diameter of 102mm, depth 50mm and minimum thickness 6.3mm.
* A metal hammer or tup weighing 13.5 to 14 kg the lower end being cylindrical in shape, 50mm long, 100.0mm in diameter with a 2 mm chamfer at the lower edge and case hardened. The hammer will slide freely between vertical guides and be concentric with the cup. Free fall of hammer will be within 380 + 5 mm
* A Cylindrical metal measure having internal diameter 75mm and depth 50mm for measuring aggregates.
* Tamping Rod 10mm in diameter and 230mm long, rounded at one end.
Aggregate Impact Testing Machine :
Aggregate impact testing machines are one of the most widely used and required testing machines which are used for the testing of the hardness and strength of the aggregate of different components. We are one of the most successful companies which are engaged in the line of work of manufacture, supply, distribution, export, wholesale, trade and retail of a wide gamut of various kinds of high quality mechanical and industrial equipments. These aggregate impact testing machines are one of the most demanded products of our company.
- Features:
* Long lasting and durable
* Gives accurate results
* Simple to use
* Hassle free functioning
* Low consumption cost
Cylindrical Metal Measures
Cylindrical Metal Measures,with ISI Certification Mark, IS:2386 (Part-3) Cylindrical Metal Measures with ISI Certification Mark, IS:2386 (Part 3) Consists of one each of the following measures:
* 45401 Measure 3 litres
* 45402 Measure 15 litres
* 45403 Measure 30 litres
Supplied Complete with AIM 345 Tamping Rod of 16mm dia x 60 cm long having ISI Certification Mark IS:10086 Determines bulk density or unit weight of aggregates.
- Specification :
Consists of M.S. Cylindrical Container 150 mm +/-0.5mm dia x 130mm to 140mm high with base plate 200 to 230 mm/sqr x 6mm thick. A Plunger of 148mm +/-0.5mm dia x 100 to 115mm high. Supplied complete with Tamping Rod, 16mm dia x 600mm long, both ends rounded, 1 no. Metal Measure 115+/- 0.5mm dia x 180 +/- 0.5mm high.
Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
The Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine consist of a hollow cylinder of Steel, closed at both ends, having an inside Diameter of 700mm and inside length of 500mm. The opening shall be closed dust tight with a removable bolted in place. A detachable shelf, which extends through the drum catches the abrasive charge and does not allow it to fall on the cover. The drum is rotated at a speed of 30 to 33 rpm by an electric motor through a heavy-duty reduction gear. It is fitted with counter and push button starter. A tray for collection of the material and set of 12 Nos. hardened steel balls will be supplied with the machine. Fitted with 1 HP, 1440 RPM Motor, Suitable for operation on Three Phase, 440 Volts, 50 Hz. Complete with Test Report and Instruction Manuals.

Thickness Gauge Or Flakiness Gauge
The Thickness Gauge for Flakiness index of aggregates is the percentage by weight of particles whose least dimension (thickness) is less than three-fifths (0.6 times) of their mean dimensions. This test is not applicable to sizes smaller than 6.3mm.
It consists of a frame with sliding panel with accurate slots of different standard width length, the complete assembly is chrome plated or powder coated.
Length Gauge
Aggregates which are flaky and/or elongated will often lower the workability of a concrete mix and may also affect long term durability. In bituminous mixtures, flaky aggregates make for a harsh mix and may also crack and break up during compacting by rolling. The flakiness of aggregates is determined by measuring the thickness of individual particles. offers thickness gauge and length gauge with ISI certification mark as per IS: 2386 (Part 1) to check flakiness index and elongation index of the aggregate respectively.
* Thickness Gauge with ISI Certification Mark, IS:2386 (Part-1) Constructed from heavy gauge sheet steel with ISI Certification Mark, IS:2386 (Part 1)
* Length Gauge with ISI Certification Mark, IS:2386 (Part-1) Constructed from steel, mounted on a hardwood base, with ISI Certification Mark, IS:2386 (Part 1)
Determination of flakiness and Elongation

Density Basket
We are one of the well known manufacturer and exporter of Density basket that is very easy to use and is flawlessly designed for delivering hassle free performance. We procure Density Baskets after the doing a diligent testing based on various quality parameters adhering to the international quality standards. Our main goal is to achieve the heist level of customer satisfaction though providing a range of quality driven products.
- Features:
* High grade material
* Pocket friendly prices
* Abrasion resistant
- Specifications:
* Made of brass with stainless steel wire mesh 6.3 mm size ruggedly constructed, approximately 20 cm dia x 20 cm high
* Complete with handle
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Laboratory Jaw Crusher
We make available a wide array of Laboratory Jaw Crushers, which is made as per international quality norms. In order to speed up the process of crushing for aggregates, ores, minerals, coal, chemicals and other material, we supply Laboratory Jaw Crushers. These Laboratory Jaw Crushers are provided with manganese steel two jaws, which assist in crushing to uniform fineness. Due to rugged construction and compact size, these products are utilized for general laboratory or small plot plant operations.

Laboratory Pulveriser
The Laboratory Pulveriser is a disc type grinder designed for grinding virtually any material to produce a fine mesh sample in one operation. The Pulveriser is adapted for use in assays offices, Metallurgical, Aggregate, Quarry, Chemical and Industrial Laboratories.
- Features:-
* Self-contained grinder furnished with rotating disc having a planetary movement in a vertical plane which prevents wearing and delivers a product of uniform fineness.
* The Pulveriser can reduce a sample of quart type material to 100 mesh. Maximum feed size is 1/4 inch.
* The apparatus is supported with heart treated disc 7" diameter.
* A self-locking device holds the hinged grinding chamber in place and affords easy and quick access to the grinding chamber for removal of ground samples and for cleaning.
* The Pulveriser is supplied with a 3 H.P. Motor V-belt drive.
* Working on 440 volts, 50 cycles, 3 phase AC.
Riffle Sample Divider
Offering Riffle Sample Divider.
Used for rapid collection of the true representative sample from aggregate, sand and filters. Consists of a metal box fitted with a series of chutes of equal width which discharge the material alternatively in opposite directions into separate pans. The chutes of the riffle are steep enough to allow rapid flowing of the material. Each riffle sample divider supplied with two pans and one scoop.
Available in following sizes.


Size (mm)





No. of Slot





Camber Board
Used to check and maintain the slope of the road as per design.




Aluminum section of size 24 mm x 45 mm of thick gauge.


3 meter, 3.5 meter, 3. 75 meter or as per requirement.


2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0% or as per requirement.


Highly sensitive magnetic spirit level and seat for it at centre.