Marshall Stability Testing Machine
The test is applicable to hot mix designs using bitumen and aggregates upto a maximum size of 25mm. In this method, the resistance to plastic deformation of cylindrical specimen of bituminous mixture is measured when the same is loaded at periphery at 5 cm per min. This test procedure is used in designing and evaluating bituminous paving mixes. The test procedure is extensively used in routine test programmes for paving jobs. There are two major features of the Marshall method of designing mixes namely, a) Density - voids analysis b) Stability - flow tests. The marshall stability of mix is defined as a maximum load carried by a compacted specimen at a standard test temperature of 60ºC. The flow value is deformation the marshall test specimen undergoes during the loading upto the maximum load, 0.25 mm units. In this test and attempt is made to determine optimum binder content for the type of aggregate mix and traffic intensity. The apparatus consists of :
* A loading unit motorized, capacity 5000 kgf with two telescopic pillars and an adjustable cross head. Limit switches are fitted inside to control upward or downward movement of the pillars. On-off reversing switch and indicator lamps are on the front side while a hand wheel to manually move the pillars is on the right. The load frame has fixed speed of 5.08cm per minute. Operated on 230 Volts A.C
* 1 No. Compaction pedal with specimen mould holder
* 2 Nos. Compaction Rammers, 4.5kg weight and free fall 45.7cm.
* 1 No. Breaking head assembly with provision to fix flowmeter
* 3 Nos. Specimen mould 10.16cm I.D. x 7.6cm high with base plate and extension collar.
* 1 No. Kit for specimen extraction, consists of one each load transfer bar, steel ball, specimen extracting plate.
Bitumen Automatic Compactors
Capitalizing in our in-depth industry knowledge, we have been able to provide the customers with highly advanced Bitumen Automatic Compactors. Offered array is manufactured under the strict supervision of expert professionals by employing high grade raw material and advanced techniques.
Widely acknowledged for eliminating labor required in manual compaction, the range is works in the following manner:
* Provided with a driven mechanism for lifting weights of 4.5 kg
* This weight is dropped through a height of 457 mm
* Thereafter, hammer foot is removed for facilitating preheating
* Compaction pedestal equipped with specimen holders fixed to the base of the apparatus for stopping the machine on the completion of operation
* An automatic blow counter to allow number of blows to be present before each test
* Suitable for operation on 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase and A.C. supply
Core Drilling Machine
Suitable to cut / drill cores of concrete, rocks, stones, Tiles or the similar material. The machine is suitable for care samples of size upto 150 mm diameter with the help of thin walled diamond bits which are at extra cost. The machine has sturdy base with pillar support in which rack & pinion is provided for adjustment in height and penetration assembly. The leveling screws are at the base. For gripping the damply in positions suitable grips are provided. A suitable electric motor, standard make is fitted in the machine with cooling arrangement with water. The base frame is also fitted with wheels for ease of transportation.
Salient Features
* Dimension approx. are as under :
* Height : 1300mm
* Base : 600 x 1200mm
* Head travel on rack : 350mm
* Drill Speeds : 900 RPM for soft samples and 350 RPM for hard samples.
* Water Swivel : Built in the machines.
* Suitable for 230 volts AC, single phase
* Accessories : 1. Thin wall diamond bits 2. Core Barrel.
  Ductility Testing Machine
In flexible pavement construction, bitumen binders are used. It is important that bituminous material forms ductile thin film around the aggregates, Which serves as a binder. The binder material not of sufficient ductility render spervious pavement surface and leads to development of cracks. Therefore it is important to carry out the ductility tests on bituminous material. Ductility is defined as distance in cms to which a standard briquette of bitumen can be stretched before the thread breaks. The briquette is stretched at a rate of 50mm/minute ±25mm per minute at a temperature of 27ºC ± 0.5ºC.
Salient Features:
* The apparatus consists of a water bath with a thermostatic heater, and a circulating pump to maintain uniform water temperature.
* One half of the briquette molds is fixed on a fixed plate in the water bath, the other half of the briquette mold is fixed to a carrier which slides over a rotating threaded shaft with a clutch.
* The motor and gears to rotate the shaft are housed in a cabinet fixed above the other end of the bath.
* A pointer fixed to the carrier moves over a scale graduated from 0-110 cm x 1mm fixed on the bath with "0" (zero) of the scale towards the fixed plate side.
The rotating shaft has 2 speeds of travel for the bracket, 5 cm/min and 1 cm/min., selected by a clutch. Water bath inside is aluminum, it is an insulated water bath. Water bath is provided with a drain. A heater with thermostatic control is fixed inside the water bath. Control switches for motor, stirrer, heater and indicator lamps are fixed at a convenient place on the water bath, complete with three briquette molds and one base plate, all made of brass. Operates on 230 volts A.C. single phase.
Accessories :
* Thermometer IP 38 C, range 23ºC to 27ºC.
* Ductility mould with base-plate.