Blain Air Permeability Apparatus
We offer a wide range of Compression Testing Machine Hand Operated that are operated manually by hands. These products are used for compression test on cement and concrete or similar materials. These machines are suitable for use on concrete cubes of any size and the load is applied through hydraulic assembly. These products are well known for its dimensional accuracy and compact size. These products are basically used in the construction industries for surveying the land.
- Features:
* International quality
* Easy to use and maintain
* Reasonable price
* Highly durable
_ Specifications:
* Size: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, 7.06 x 7.06cm, 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, and 15cm x 15cm x 15cm
* Height: 10 x 20cm and 15 x 30cm
Vicat Needle Apparatus
BIS : 4031 5513. For determining the normal consistency and the setting times of cements and the setting times of Class A lines. Complete with one each of mould, glass plate, Initial needle, final needle and consistency plunger. Scale reading upto 40 mm.fitted with a dashpot.

Le Chatelier Mould
The main purpose of the soundness test is to assess the possible risk of late expansion due to hydration of uncombined calcium oxide and/or magnesium oxide. The test uses apparatus known as Le Chatlier apparatus, which magnifies any expansion during heating to a value that can be measured.
The apparatus consist of a small split cylinder of spring brass or other non-corrodible metal of 0.5 mm thickness forming a mould 30 mm internal diameter and 30 mm high. On either side of the split, two indicators are brazed suitably with pointed ends made of 2 mm diameter brass wire in such a way that the distance of these ends to the centre of the cylinder is 165 mm. The split cylinder will be kept between two glass plates.
Water Bath For Le-Chatelier Test
Water bath capable of containing immersed Le-Chatlier moulds with specimens and of raising their temperature from 27' deg _+ 2'deg C to boiling in 27 +/- 3 minutes.
Made of double walled, Outer made of CRC Sheet – powder coated or stainless steel and inside made of stainless steel. Gap between the wall filled by glass wool to avoid heat losses. Temperature is controlled by sensitive thermostat and temp. read on Glass Thermometer or DIGITAL Temp. Indicator cum controller with timer programmed to achieve boiling temp. in prescribed time. The bath is suitable to accommodate six moulds at a time. Complete with stand to hold Le-Chatlier moulds in prescribed method. Complete with three core wire and 15 Amp. Three pin top,
* Weighing balance accurate up to 0.1gm
* Measuring cylinder
* Stop watch
* Trowel
* Tray
LE Chattlier Water Bath
Double walled inner chamber in stainless steel outer chamber in mild steel temperature range Ambient to 100°C controlled by capillary thermostat. Accuracy ± 1°C operated on 230V A.C. Single Phase. These baths are suitable for washing Marshall specimen. Lid is made up of stainless steel with a hole for glass thermometer to penetrate.
Following sizes are available :
12" length x 9" width x 7" height having rating 750W.
18" length x 12" width x 7" height having rating 1500 W. Customised sizes also available.