Setl AK-24 Automatic Level + GMT Tripod Stand + GMT Aluminium Staff

Model NumberSetl AK-24 BrandSETL Type Of ProductAutomatic Level SetIncludesSETL AK-24 Automatic Level + GMT AT35 Aluminum Tripod + GMT AS44 4m 4 folds Aluminum StaffLevel Accuracy2.0mmMagnification24xDescriptionSETL AK-24 Automatic Level Set Optical Level AK24 Auto Levels, featuring metal housings and high-quality optics, the Setl AK 24 Auto Levels are built to last. These optical levels are the ideal tools for daily leveling work. The Setl AK-24 offers 24x magnification and 2.0mm accuracy Features: With a distinctive style of exterior. Improved structure of rack and gear avoids dislocation. New setting of upper angle limitation make compensator repair easier. Fixed optical lens setting gives a remarkable accuracy. Integrated flat and domed base for easy-using. State-of-the-art with elegant design. GMT AT35 Aluminum Telescopic Tripod Lightweight, aluminum tripod with positive locking quick clamp style clamps and individually tightened hinge screws Aluminum head, hinges, clamps and shoe castings with replaceable shoe points Powder coated castings for durability and wear-resistance Includes: heavy-duty poly-webbing shoulder strap GMT AS44 4m 4 folds Aluminum Staff Lightweight and durable telescoping aluminum leveling rods GMT rods have highest wall thickness aluminum to prevent denting and warping Easy-to-read graduations with measuring scale on the backside for direct reading at eye level