Stabila LAX 50 Crossed-line Laser Upto 10 M

Model NumberLAX 50 BrandSTABILA Battery Life30 HoursType Of ProductCrossed-line laserWorking RangeUpto 10 mWavelengthnm635 nmLevel Accuracy0.3 mm/mLaser Class2DescriptionQuickly assembled and ready for action. Measure from the floor to the ceiling. Self-levelling crossed line laser including combined tripod / telescopic leg kit /2 functions /10 m working range /Red laser-diode. Switch on ready to use. The STABILA LAX 50 projects crossed horizontal and vertical lines in a matter of seconds both perfectly levelled. Ready for all internal work. The result long, easily visible horizontal and vertical laser lines at right angles to each other which make setting-out easy. For the installation of built-in furniture, laying tiles, wall-papering and all installation work. Setting out without a single pencil mark. The main attraction the combined tripod / telescopic leg kit. Unscrew the tripod legs and screw together to form the telescopic leg fix the LAX 50 to the leg and measure! The tripod covers a working height of 0.6 1 m. The telescopic leg can be jammed inbetween floor and ceiling of heights up to 2.75 m. If the LAX 50 is placed on the ground, its working height is 7 cm. Its versatility makes the STABILA LAX 50 a regular partner for all occasions.